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[Invader Hunter Specialties]

Original and unique action game exclusive for iPhone, with the splendid visuals and animation targeted at the worldclass core gamers

Provides the very best game experience based on the intuitive playing control

Maximizes the game experience with accompanying BGM composed by Hwang Hyun Sung, the member of a well known Korean band “No Brain”


[Invader Hunter] is the first high-quality hunting game and action raid game for iPhone. Invader Hunter with the background of a space station will make history in iPhone action games. Spectacular graphics and realistic action make it just like one excellent animation movie.

In addition, 35 game levels, more than one hundred equipment sets, and ten kinds of consuming items such as bullets are fascinating enough to draw core gamers’ attention. Skill set of each equipment was designed uniquely so that each user can have different game experience. We tried our best so that the gamers can really enjoy intensive playing as well as the visual entertaining.